Mittwoch, 11. September 2013

Sky on fire

It's always best to have some clouds around, when you watch a sunset ;-)

Did you know, that Oslo loses over 2,5 hours of daylight in September? check here o.O

View over Holmenkollen from Vettakollen

Sonntag, 8. September 2013

Hiking in Oslo

Here are some pictures of my hiking trip last weekend with some fellow students.

At first we went by bike to Ullevålseter north of Oslo. From there on we hiked to the north of Bjørnsjøen near Kikutstua, where we bivouacked.

At Sognsvann station


View over Oslo from Kopperhaugene

At Bjørnsjøen

The hardest part of making microwave popcorn over the fire is to prevent the bag from catching fire ;-)

Toasted bread and tea for breakfast

View from Kikut to the north-east

Sonntag, 25. August 2013

There is no such thing as good directions in a climbing guide ;-)

At first I planed to stay at home this morning, preparing the exercises and lectures for tomorrow ... then I realized the fine weather and then I was reminded of climbing ... so I decided to check out one climbing areas near where I live .. it appeared like 5km and 180m in altitude, a short ride by bike ... well, somehow I missed the track to the rocks and ended up on top of Grefsenkollen after another 3km and 100m in altitude ;-)

But it was worth it. I think I should go back some time. Maybe during sunset :-)

I went down the same route and missed the rocks again ... maybe there are none ...