Sonntag, 4. März 2012


Finally I made it and I nearly done with sorting and post produktion of my pictures, I took in Manchester. It is kinda weird. We had a lot stress and a lot of work to do during the day, but it felt and still feels, like holidays. Maybe, because I had no time to think about what was wating for me at home ;-) ... like going to work or learning for my exams ...

I had two great weeks with so many different impressions, so I decided to split my up my pictures. In this post I fokus on the people I met there.

Most of our time, we sat in this room, in which you cannot open a single window ...

Well, I do not know how many pound we spend on playing pool ;-)

Isn't that supposed to be a room, to study university stuff ... and not to play Warhammer 40K^^

Sometimes a laptop can help you ignoring the huge touch-screen in a table^^

Manchester United stadium

Two Croatian IT-Guys in a white painted room ...

Writing the final report

We had to sit in that stuffy, crowded room with such great light outside ...

Everytime, when we did not know how to get back to the hostel, we could follow this tower. It is a great landmark, that can be seen from nearly everywhere in Manchester.

Hope I manage to post a little more regularly in future :-)


  1. Das Laptop im ersten Bild kenne ich irgend wo her. ;) Aber das Foto aus dem Fenster ist richtig genial, bzw. generell sehr coole Bilder.

  2. Yes, I'm totally able to imagine the atmosphere - me gusta ;-)