Freitag, 9. März 2012

stolen snow

About an hour ago, when I went home we had 14°C outside and the sun was shining ... and I cannot help me to look back noticing, we had no snow, in Bonn, this winter. It is funny, two days ago I met a nice girl who also missed the snow this winter. Seems like I am not alone :-D

Speaking about weather, did you know that sometimes the sun shines in the UK? Back in February, when I was in Manchester, to work with some awesome people, I saw it. Knowing you, that you will not believe me without a proove, I show you some pictures where you can see the sun ;-)

But to be honest, we also had some rainy days.

All pictures are from Manchester. Manchester is a city of contrasts, I think. On the one hand, you have these shiny new buildings, trying to hide the industrial past and on the other hand you have the old brick buildings telling their stories from a time where coal made this city rich.

Salford University #1

Salford University #2

I like that little red telephone box beneath that big glass building

Why did they drown the hobbit?

If you like Indian food, you should try the "This & That": 3 Soap St, Manchester M4 1EW

like those backstreets, where you do not want to be at night^^

Fun Fact #1 of Manchester

In Germany we have thos wide streets only in the eastern part ... o.O

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  1. I agree about liking narrow backstreets, high walls at both sides. They do have a very special, their very own atmosphere (those in Venice are so different from those in Rothenburg ob der Tauber etc). An atmosphere which again is (like everything) completely different at night. That's why I enjoy walking the streets at night. Different people about, different sound and smell in the air, different thoughts and emotions in the different light. It's amazing... Yes, but maybe you wouldn't wanna do that on yer own ;-)

    Oh and I like the pic with the river/canal, taken from under the bridge!
    It's great to try out different angles at places like that.