Dienstag, 13. August 2013

Hello again and see you in two years ;-)

Well, it has bin a long time since my last post ... sorry for that :-D

... but I would like to try a restart. Especially since I am living in Oslo/Norway since August 1. Or more exactly since last Wednesday, as I went climbing beforehand in the south of Norway (Oslo/Drammen/Kristiansand) with Julia and Christian. They did a great job, helping me to move my stuff to the student residence. My home for the next two years during the master studies.

When I told people that I will live in Norway the next two years the first things they mentioned were the darkness in winter, the mosquitoes and that it will be expensive ... to be fair, that might be true, ... but none of them thought of the huge amount of rock climbing areas :-D all perfectly bolted or excellent cracks for clean climbing :-D

Well here are some pictures from our trip and some random notes ;-):

Another check on my bucket list: sitting on Swedish chairs (Schwedenstühlen) in Sweden :-D

At Hauktjern near Oslo:

Halvveis L1 5-


Loerlingen 7-

At Damtjern in Drammen

Klidøl'n 5+ clean

The rock was still a bit wet when we arrived at the Dog Wall of Holskogen, but we had to try it since we came all the way from Drammen to flee the rain ;-)

Talking dog 5-
Mierda de perro 6-

The last days we stayed at Hellevikka near Kristians. The same place were we stayed two years before, when we were in Norway with our youth group of the German Alpine Club (DAV).

a bit of face climbing in Kristiansand at Odderøya (Lista 6- / Fyrveggen)

For the ones of you who want to know were I live, well I have 12m² in the Sogn Studentby in Oslo sharing bath and kitchen with 3 other students. One from Poland, one from Norway and the fourth remains unknown yet ;-)

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